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FBB Custom Bass

FBB Custom Bass closeup

What makes the Audere preamp different?

Most preamps are configured like the diagram below - The preamp is basically a tone controller that comes after passive balance control and before the volume control.

The typical on-board bass preamp block diagram

A few look like this next diagram. In this version the preamp is inserted before the pickup signals mix, so it has a stereo front end.

The typical on-board bass preamp block diagram featuring an active balance control

The Audere preamp looks like the diagram below. The preamp controls the loading for each pickup (resistive and capacitive), then a stereo amplifier comes before the pickup signals mix. Next is tone control, master volume control, then cable driver. The signal is DC coupled until the output connector.

The Audere Audio on-board bass preamp block diagrams featuring an active balance control and DC coupling to the bass pickups

Some advantages of this design are:

  • DC coupling allows you to go down to 0 Hz through the front end till you reach the output connector where the input impedance of your amplifier will set the combined low frequency limit somewhere below 5 Hz.
  • By controlling the load, you create the opportunity to choose it -the Z-Mode switch
  • Capacitance adjustment for each pickup allows you to optimize the pickup's frequency response
  • A stereo signal path eliminates interactions for the cleanest sound.