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Classic Preamp - Overview

The Classic series has been upgraded

The Classic model is a 4 Band on-board preamp that is easy to use and install as an upgrade in your existing bass. Despite it's low price, you get more extensive tone control options than typical preamps plus our well known natural clarity. It comes in 6 different control configurations and optional knob packages are available in 4 different finishes; Black, Chrome, Gold, and Gold Satin.

Audere Audio Classic on-board bass guitar preamp shown with 18 volt option

• 4 Band Tone Control
• Fixed conventional pickup loading - equivalent to Mid Z-Mode
• Pre-wired for easy installation
• 9 or 18 volts with very long battery life
• Active balance control
• Works with dual Passive pickups using our DC pickup connection
• Optional coupling caps allow use with Active pickups
• Simple modifications allow it to be used with a single pickup
• Small module - 1"W x 2"L x 0.55"


Our high quality pots are compact for ease of fit: 6mm shaft diameter (combined 8mm when stacked), with a 10mm bushing length to fit both top plates and solid wood top construction; 9mm square and 7mm deep body for singles, 12mm deep for stacked pot bodies.

Volume Control
Audio taper control for better low level performance.
Balance Control
Pot has a center detent and uses the Active circuit which creates more usable sounds options as the pickup mix is changed.
Volume/Balance Control
Volume control is on top and is an Audio taper.
Balance is on the bottom and uses the Active circuit. There is no center detent on the stacked control.
Tone Controls
Same active 4 Band circuit as in our 3ZB preamps, it is available in 4 different arrangements of the controls:
1) Treble/Bass and High-Mid/Low-Mid (2 pots)
2) High-Mid/treble and Low-Mid/Bass(2 pots) *
3) High-Mid, Low-Mid, Treble/Bass (3 pots)
4) High-Mid, Low-Mid, Treble, Bass (4 pots)

* Configuration 2 is a bit unusual, but it plays great and is my personal favorite. By putting the Mids on the top of the concentric pots they are easier to access.

Important Details:

You select the configuration which fits your bass and we will do the wiring. High temperature Teflon jacket is used for the wires that require solder connections during installation; for example, pickup connection leads. All wiring is color coded and the wire is 24 AWG with 19 sub-strands for increased flexibility.
We also provide you with some heat shrink pieces so you can do a professional job of insulating your wiring joints.
SizeThe Audere Audio on-board bass guitar Classic preamp module is about the size of a 9V battery
The classic preamp module is just about the size of a 9V battery: 2.0"L x 1.0"W x 0.55"H as can be seen in the picture (the width is the same as the battery).
The module is pre-wired per your order. You will need to attach the pickup wires, install the Battery and attach the controls to the body. PDF of the Classic Installation Instructions.
Double sided tape patches are included for mounting the module.