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Feedback ...

Jauqo III-X, Player, Fender Jazz Fretless with JZ3
... so if you feel your Bass is dull and lack character this preamp will not only enhance your Bass but what ever overal quality's your Bass may have this preamp will definitely add to is totally quiet (no hiss at all even when I add more treble)...I like a certain growl when I play Fretless and even tho there was growl to begin with the Audere definitely brings a wealth more...
L. Hooper, Player, Fender Jazz Deluxe, JZ5D
The JZ3 preamp will be the next big thing on the market. It gives a big sound but not overwhelming. It's smooth, quiet and you can dial in your tone rather than trying to EQ the sound. This preamp is a player's dream. If you don't have it in your arsenal, make it your business to get it. The builder's name is Dave Meadows and he was very helpful in the installation process. I recommend this preamp to all those who represent and hold down the low end.
M. Jackson, Player, Fender Jazz with JZ3
...I must say this is not the Fender I thought I was going to fall in love with, this is an audere with a fender body I feel in love with "at first slap".

This pre makes me want to play ... Any good bassist will tell you, if the sound is right for the player and the action is where they want it to be at, it opens his/her creative level to play. You have widened my desire to be creative on this bass.
A. Dow, Player, F Bass with 3ZB
... I've never been so happy with my sound, and I'm a sound fanatic. I had so much fun playing last night and I know that part of that came from having such a beautiful sound. It was just so easy to play. Your preamp is the s***! ...
A. Yilmaz, Player, Fender Jazz Fretless with JZ3
... I was thinking about converting all my basses to passive, but after hearing how breathy and open the sound on the Audere is, I think I am giving up that idea. Simply put, the preamp is so transparent that I do not feel like I am hearing it,...

the sound in general is so good, so focused and so fast!...
M. Zimmerman, Player, Curbow with JZ3
...Of the two preamps, I much prefer the's struck me as one of the best preamps I've played. The Z-Mode switch allows for three distinct "characters", and the EQ bands seem to cover a fairly wide range so the controls can have a big sonic impact while still sounding fairly natural...
D. Simpson, Player, Custom Guitar with 3ZB
It's a blessing to have an Audere preamp early on in my recording career. I highly recommend it for Bass players, Electric Upright Bass/Cello players and Extended Range Guitarists. It highlights a lot of texture and dynamics that are typically lost in amps and mixes. I can now walk into a recording session with the sound that I would normally have to get the engineer to milk the mixing board to give me. The growl is crisp and gutsy while the singing highs are sparlking with howling harmonics. Thanks for making such a preamp.
C. Westland, Player, Fender Geddy Lee with JZ3
... The Low-Z setting with the Fralin single coil J-pups is wonderful; very warm and rich, with lots of clarity. It's different than the passive J-bass sound; clearer with more complexity. The Fralins + maple neck + Audere Low-Z setting are magical. I don't have any other bass that gives me this sort of warmth/ punch/ clarity....

[months later he upgraded his Modulus Genesis 5 Bass with a 3ZB]

... the Audere has opened up the sound, and given it a nice articulation. You've got a great product ... even without all of the controls, it would be a superb amp, but the ability to squeeze all sorts of sounds out of pickups is incredible. Kudos.
S. Noordam, Player, Fender Jazz with JZ3
Deze pre-amp van Audere Audio is elke euro waard die je uitgeeft. David Meadows heeft naar mijn mening de mooiste pre-amp gemaakt die je kan vinden voor je jazzbas. Het installeren is zelfs voor de a-techneuten een kleine moeite. Mijn jazzbas laat ineens horen wat er werkelijk mogelijk is om er uit te halen. Voor de prijs, vergeleken bij andere pre-amp's, hoef je het niet te laten, want die is laag voor zoveel mooi's.
B. Siegler, Player, Fender Geddy Lee with JZ3
...So I get to my gig, and I found myself with my EQ entirely flat... amp and bass. I NEVER ran it that way. I couldn't believe how great it sounded that way. ... the bass is SO MUCH EASIER TO PLAY.

... Instead of fighting my bass all night, I just played it. I even found that my hands were less tired at the end of the night. ....
S. Glass, Luthier, Glasstone Bass, Custom with 3ZB
... The tone, clarity and versatiity of your pre-amp is heaven on earth [Sammy's day gig - Church Minister]. This bass player left going straight to the studio to do overdubs he had been putting off not feeling inspired, now with the Audere system on board he's inspired all over again...
D. Memory, Luthier, Oni Guitar, Custom with 3ZB
... The 4-band is in now. I haven't played around with the adjustments just yet but so far I'm loving it. The EQ frequencies are well chosen and useful, and I believe this is the first pre that I've tried with a usable treble boost!

... I'll get this into the hands of a real bass player through a real amp and let you know the results.....

[2 weeks later]

...Well, I'm not sure how you'll react to this, but the pramp is currently in the hands of my customer and he's asked me to pass on a message.
These are his' words, not mine ;-) "Tell him he's a bad mutha f*****, it rocks!." ...
B. LeCompte, Luthier, LeCompte Basses, Fanned Fret Custom with 3ZB
... It has a clear quality to it that's a great starting tone to adjust the eq from...

I'm still kind of tripping over an actual useable mid control...

I also want to comment on how quiet the Z-mode is. Quietest I've ever heard, or not heard...
M. Schmill, Luthier, FBB Bass, Custom with 3ZB
... Here are my conclusions:
1) awesomely easy install
2) awesomely great components
3) awesome blue LED
4) awesomely complete package with different color dress washers for the switches?!?
5) awesome diagram and thorough description
6) awesomely awesome sound

Thank you to these players and the many others who have given us feedback. Our goal is to provide outstanding value and performance, your feedback helps us get there.


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