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Zmode switch in 3ZB

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Z-mode Bass Preamps pre-mounted on a J-style control plate.
These preamps are very simple for the player to install.
    JZ3 - soldering is not required.
    JZ3D & JZ6D - very limited soldering might be required.
The preamps include knobs.
U.S. customers receive a 9 volt battery.

Preamps are grouped in sets of 3
    Standard Jazz plates (output jack is located on the plate)
    Deluxe Jazz plates + Tone (side jack mounted in the wood body)
    Deluxe Jazz plate + 6 Z-Modes (side jack)

Optional Capacitor kit is located at the bottom of the page

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Jazz Capacitor Kit (+JZ-CK)

Pickup capacitors, 8 Values, 14 caps total.

Price: $15.00
Jazz Capacitor Kit